Tuesday, February 24, 2015

my own [fountainhead]

it's coming up on my ten year anniversary of blogging. to honor that digital milestone i thought i'd take a look back at the beginning....the very beginning.

ten years ago i started an eight month internship which was part of my architectural education. in order to validate my time and receive a grade, every week found me keeping track and writing about what i was learning and experiencing, and sending it to my professors. doing this week after week seem to train my brain to keep mental notes and seek out the "interesting" in the everyday, sometimes mundane routine.  without a doubt, this quality was eventually put towards my blog, which i started near the end of this experience

not only is this a look back for me to see where my "blogging" started, it's very entertaining to read what i was doing as a 23 year old intern and relate that to the slightly more i know now as a licensed architect.  below are excerpts from my internship journal ten years ago.  the inspiration for this blog as well as the start of my architectural career.

week 1 - organizing the product library. to this day the reason i know my division numbers.

week 2 - building models, still one of the best ways to communicate with a client.

week 3 - the inevitable start of cad drawings

week 4 - weeks like this is why i went into architecture

Monday, February 09, 2015

legos, architecture and the [martial] arts

last saturday i was thrilled to be a judge for the "national association of women in construction" block kids competition.  about 40 kids ranging from 1st to 6th grade had one hour to build a project with 100 lego blocks, tin foil, string and a rock.  afterwards judges would grade the kids on the use of the objects, why they built what they did, how they explained what they did, who would use it, if they would change anything about it and their enthusiasm for their project. basically a very fun and simple form of critiques in architectural school.

i judged two kids and thoroughly enjoyed both their stories. one built a combination fork lift and driller, the other a 1,000 foot monster built to protect a fictional city and all it's treasures.  one question we were supposed to ask is if they wanted to go into architecture or construction when they grew up. one kid wanted to be a space scientist and the other an mma champion, occupations, which in my mind, are way harder than architecture, mentally and physically. however, once again, i was amazed at the imagination and creativity legos are able to stir up in kids with many different interests.

it was an incredibly rewarding day and i had a wonderful time looking at the projects created in just an hour.  below, a few photos from the event.

Monday, January 12, 2015

the year in pictures [2014]

year ten for the [year in pictures] post.

without a doubt this was a year of traveling, and the pictures at the top of my list represent that. not only did i travel a lot this year but it was to new and exciting places i had never seen. it can't be denied traveling always gives you a unique perspective on your own little world. new sights, sounds and smells open your mind just that much more.  a favorite quote of mine is from st.a augustine who said, " the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."

i hope you enjoy a few of the [pages] i added to my book this year.


in march, i was lucky enough to travel to washington d.c for an aia conference. the city was nothing like i imagined.  it was actually beautiful.  they layout, the scale and the buildings worked in perfect harmony and i found myself walking up and down the mall in total awe. my favorite spot, one that can be found on many [pages] of history, was the lincoln memorial. such an iconic place that is incredibly built and and beautifully designed.


as i walked up the steps of the lincoln memorial i saw this group of people taking a group selfie, and i had to snap a quick picture. a place that's been the backdrop to amazing moments in history provided one more for an activity so definitive of my generation.


my friends bachelor party weekend at the lake. three days of fishing, meat, beer, world cup soccer, beer, corn on the cob, beer and a group of guys being guys.  it was amazing. i was glad to share this [page] with so many good friends.


my girlfriend is without a doubt a [city girl]. she knows more about chanel than sheep. so when she was offered a chance to be in a goat milking contest i told her she had to do it.  i of course was manly interested more in the photo possibilities than any competition. she did not disappoint. like the trooper she is she handled it with stride, especially after the goats handler helped out.


this summer i attended a wedding in long island with my girlfriend. being from kansas i find lighthouses fascinating, so the day after the wedding we traveled two hours to the montauk point lighthouse. it was more of a pain to get  there than we had planned but it really was worth it. this photo reminds me of the whole, fabulous trip.  a whole chapter of [pages].


this summer also found my girlfriend and i traveling to local kansas winery's. not only did we enjoy the wine, but the traveling and tasting allowed us to spend quality time together during our all too short weekends. this shot was taken while enjoying a bottle on the patio of grace hill winery. it turns out [pages] are much better with wine.


one of my best friends got married in brooklyn. it was beautiful.  everything about the wedding and reception reflected the couple and their love for each other, and i was so thankful to be a part of their [page].


it's getting harder and harder to find unique pictures of the austin city limits festival, but this photo taken the last day seems to capture the care free atmosphere that keeps bringing me back year after year.

savannah is a hauntingly beautiful city and i was smitten with this city seconds after strolling through its spanish moss cover squares. as many tourists do i found myself at the gates of one of the cities cemeteries.  walking through the beautiful grounds i discovered tombstones tacked to the wall.  after help from my tour guide siri, i learned any tombstone which had been damaged, broken or misplaced over the years was placed on the wall; a wonderful way to honor the [pages] of past lives. this haunting but beautiful scene seems to perfectly capture my feelings on the city.


i started this year with a picture of the lincoln memorial and oddly enough end on [lincoln’s gift]. during the last stages of the civil war, savannah was in the path of general sherman’s destructive “march to the sea”, but upon reaching the city, found it so incredibly beautiful, he decided not to destroy it.  the city was saved and presented as a christmas gift to president lincoln in 1864, adding to the city’s history and charm. i found savannah beautiful as well, and was happy to have it, along with the many other places i saw this year, become a [page] in my book.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


to all my digital, blogging and social media-esque friends and family who still read this blog, i hope you're having a happy holiday season and a wonderful new year.

Monday, December 29, 2014

christmas eve [eve]

public at the brickyards 2nd annual christmas eve eve celebration is quickly becoming one of my newest holiday traditions. a wonderful time to celebrate with friends that have returned home for the holidays.  i say quickly because i believe an event has to happen three times for it to be considered a tradition. lets hope this one does.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

a [sketchy] city

with a new moleskin in hand the sketchbook experiment continues.

to keep things interesting this go around i've decided to try more live sketching since in the past, most of the drawings were doodles or fictional buildings. my recent trip to savannah provided the perfect opportunity to try this out.  admittedly, it was harder than i thought. finding a view i liked usually meant i had to stand and draw, finding a way to support the book while holding pens in my mouth and hat.  it was however extremely entertaining and provided me with some wonderful "inked" memories from this amazing city.  below are the two sketches drawn one morning, digitized and cleaned up with photoshop.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

a partridge in a [live oak] tree

in december of 1864 general sherman presented president lincoln the "gift" of savannah georgia. 150 years later savannah ended up being a little christmas gift to my family.  a work conference attended by my dad created a some what spontaneous family vacation when it turned out everyone wanted to visit this fabled southern city.

the city did not disappoint. it was by far one of the most beautiful and friendliest cities i've ever visited. the pictures taken only offer up a fraction of it's charm, but i hope you enjoy them.